I finally got a call back from UPMC (after waiting around for weeks without any leads or hope) and accepted a position with them! Apparently I’ll be working at Magee in Oakland (without any interview, huzzah!) as an administrative assistant from 8a-4:30p Monday through Friday for $15 an hour! Not only will I always know my schedule (times and place), I’ll also be getting more money (in which my contact at UPMC told me there are very rarely any jobs paying so high to start and as temporary work)! You have absolutely no idea how excited I am about this! I could cry and dance and throw a party and throw up and just be happy!

I did let them know I would like to give MedSave a two weeks notice, so I won’t start until April 16th (if they start me on a Thursday that is; and coincidentally Ashley told me that is the last day of the current project so it works out. Although she was hoping to continue to keep me on for the next project she wished me luck and told her to her know if there are any changes). My contact tells me she will email me a copy of everything she told me on the phone as well as the job duties and address and anything else I can expect.

I can’t wait!
(Here’s a good start to that whole catching up, saving up plan!)

So this past weekend my mom, Brad, and I decided that it would be a good idea to take all the kids out on Sunday and go to the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium and Chuck E Cheese on behalf of Tasselin’s birthday. Because, why not?

So on Sunday Brad and I met my parents and the kids at the entrance to the zoo. My dad was gracious enough to buy our tickets (and a year long family pass with extra tickets for us or nurses or whomever to go too). Not all of the animals were out thanks to the weather actually still being pretty chilly (I think it was in the mid 30’s the whole time we were there), but Brad and I did get a lot of very nice pictures throughout it (I focused more on Tasselin and the kids looking at the animals, he focused practically just on the animals, although his pictures were very beautiful). My dad and I took turns carrying Tasselin because she’s spoiled and didn’t want to walk. Although I did feel bad for her because the only animal she really wanted to see (the giraffes) weren’t out. Also, my dad totally complained through the whole thing about how awful this zoo and aquarium was especially compared to the one in Chattanooga, which does tend to spoil the mood. We ended up spending about two and half hours there (lots of exercise!) until everyone was complaining too much about being hungry.

IMG_1500 IMG_1501 IMG_1506 IMG_1585 IMG_1629 IMG_1642 IMG_1677

Brad and I took Tasselin in our car and met everyone over at Chuck E Cheese. The kids had no clue and were completely excited. I happened to have some coupons from the newspaper for it (basically just saving like five dollars) for two pizzas and 100 tokens. We gave the boys each 30 and Tasselin 40, since it was for her birthday afterall. The kids were allowed to play while waiting for the pizza to show up and then again after they ate. My dad doesn’t do well with places like this where the parents just let their children run amok (especially since there was an actual birthday party going on) so we didn’t stay very long (only about an hour). The kids each turned their tickets in and got a couple prizes and any remaining tokens were given to me to keep to take Tasselin back with at some later date (maybe the weekend I have her by myself coming up?). And then we left and parted ways. Tasselin, Blake, and Chris all seemed to have fun so I hope it was great for them. And I hope Tasselin liked the fact that we did all that for her.

20150329_142211 20150329_144645

A Weird Feeling

Yesterday I had this really weird and strange new feeling that I just couldn’t get rid of.

It’s like all of a sudden I wanted a baby so badly that it was killing me on the inside. I had this huge gaping hole inside my chest, this agonizing horrific pain, this terribly nagging feeling that nearly crippled me over the fact that I wasn’t trying, wasn’t pregnant, didn’t have a new baby. I thought I might die on the spot when it came over me. I was three seconds away from either raping Brad and attempting to impregnat myself or three seconds away from bawling my eyes out and stabbing myself in the leg with something because maybe the physical pain would take away from the -hopefully- imaginary pain. Awful. Just awful.

I told Brad about it a little later, but he didn’t have anything helpful to say or add or whatever (who could blame him?). Then it took all I had last night not to try and have sex with him, when after he fell asleep he kept pulling me closer and holding me tighter.

I feel a little better today, but not really enough. I just want a baby.

So after I took Tasselin back to my parents house the last time we had her my dad sat everyone (Brad, my mom, himself, and I) down and had a discussion involving the plans for her. We had just started the every weekend with her and I guess my dad wasn’t quite ready for that. He explained to us that daycare was horribly expensive (not that we didn’t already know that) and with the wedding coming up we would have a lot of expenses and no time and a lot of extra stress and we were also planning on moving to Tennessee soon and that’s also a lot of extra stress and expenses and with her gone every weekend he didn’t get to see her, etc, and really it would just be in the best interest of everyone if we went back to every other weekend and didn’t get her full time until after the wedding in November when Brad is off for the winter. He brought up a couple good and valid points that Brad and I had been considering so we agreed to wait. We decided that we would go back to every other weekends (starting towards the end of April thanks to a bunch of family events that we would all be together for anyway) and that we would maybe try a one week a month thing too (but definitely for at least while my mom is out the state mid to late April) and that we would take her full time one to two weeks after the wedding (and then of course it would be for like three weeks and then they would watch her for the week, week and a half, that we’re on our honeymoon). So we think this plan might be okay. I guess all we can do is see how it goes, you know? I feel weird to keep pushing it back farther and farther, but with us barely on our feet as it is (with Brad just barely starting back to work without a full paycheck yet and with me working 0-10 hours weekly and a month behind on all our bills again at least and without a savings account) maybe it is really for the best. This gives us time to catch up, save up, deal with the wedding, and get settled without having to jostle her too much. Plus it gives my dad the chance to actually see her for more than a couple hours once a week, maybe.

Not Catching Up

Every time I don’t write for a while I always feel the need to recap everything I can remember since the last time I was on here. And you know what? That’s hard. I have a terrible memory. And I don’t feel like exerting the energy to attempt it this time. You’re just going to have to fill in the blanks from then until now. Make it more exciting than my real life.

I will tell you that we picked our cake person (Bethel Bakery) and our florist (Rosebud Floral) for the wedding. We dragged Tasselin to a bunch of those appointments and not only did she behave really well, she also quite enjoyed them. Brad had drill one weekend a month as usual. We’ve still been playing our new weekly Pathfinder game at Jake’s on Tuesdays. Tasselin came over a couple times. I only worked a little bit and hated life for it. Brad started back to work again, then pulled his back, then actually started back up again. Brad and I went to a ‘mock wedding’ bridal show thing that was boring as hell and then the next day to the bridal convention which we weren’t able to get through all the way because Tasselin got rowdy. And yeah. Such is life.

This past weekend was one of our weekends to have Tasselin. My mom decided to drop her off on Thursday this time. I was scheduled to work until 4:30pm so Brad had to get up with me and watch her all day. He said she was actually kind of horrible. She threw Shiloh’s cufflinks across the room after Brad told her not to touch them, she smashed Shiloh’s computer monitor box, she threw a tantrum and shut herself in her room. She eventually took a nap for him. I had him wake her up before I got and picked them both up to go to WalMart. We shuffled around there for a little while, picked up a few things we needed, and headed back home. We made dinner and had a mostly uneventful evening.

Friday I ended up not being scheduled to work so we all got to spend a whole extra day together. We got up, had breakfast, went to Ikea where we dropped Tasselin off at the play center for kids while Brad and I looked around. They were doing a lot of construction for new sets so there wasn’t much to look at. I signed up for an Ikea card so Tasselin could stay an extra thirty minutes a d since they hadn’t buzzed us with any problems Brad and I ate lunch and hung out in the cafeteria until her time was up. She was so excited, said she had so much fun and couldn’t wait to go back (sounds like a great plan to us!). We walked next door to the Toys R Us to look around at toys. We were only there for five minutes before she asked if we could go to the mall instead. We had planned to go there Saturday so we told her she could only go one day. She agreed to one day, Friday. So we ran off to the mall. We bought her some cheddar popcorn, took it to the food court to eat, bought ourselves something to drink, bought Powerball tickets, and sold Brad’s old phone for a whopping $2. We took Tasselin to the arcade where I spent three dollars worth of quarters at the games for her and she picked a balloon and a tootsie roll as her prizes. We then went to the playground and let her run around. After about 30 minutes she decided she was ready to go home. So we did. And spent another mostly uneventful evening together.

Saturday morning we had to get up a little early to go to a florist appointment about twenty minutes from our house. Tasselin was actually excited to go because she really wanted to look at flowers. So we get there, introduce ourselves, and get seated to talk together. The woman was brilliant. I mean, I pretty much already had an idea of what exactly I wanted, but she really took my ideas and ran with them. She was more than happy to bounce ideas around and get me the best of the best. Tasselin kept busy buy looking through their wonderfully made books and Brad mostly just listened to us talk. At the end I was pretty happy with our talk and she said it would only cost $300. Which is actually pretty brilliant for flowers. As we left I asked Brad what he thought and he agreed that he loved the place. We stopped to get gas and then ran off to go bowling. Tasselin had stated the night before that she wanted to so I figured it would be good. She lasted about six rounds before she wanted to leave, but nine rounds before she actually gave up and I bowled her last round for her. We actually had a whole lot of fun together. Afterwards we went down the street to Eat N Park for lunch then to Burger King to let her run around in the play area for a while. We were supposed to have another floral appointment at 4pm, but it was so late and all the way over in Ross Township that I just ended up canceling it instead. So we went home. We broke out some Pre-K books for some fun learning, which she actually loved. Until we got to the tracing D page and she said it was too hard. So we played dominoes instead, which ended up with us using them to build houses for the other dominoes. Then the three of us played with the Barbie house together and had a tea party. We had leftovers for dinner, which oddly enough Tasselin actually loved (probably because she got to pick what she wanted), then we had family movie night (Beauty and the Beast). Tasselin ate so well with dinner she also had two bowls of popcorn, a bowl of ice cream, and two giant marshmellows. After the movie we each picked some cartoon to watch and after the last one it was time for bed.


Sunday we had to get up at a decent time as well for wedding appointments. Tasselin was actually still sleeping in her bed so I jumped in the shower before Brad and I got dressed. I got all her things packed up, her outfit for the day ready, drank my tea, then went up to get her. I got her dressed and we headed out. Our first appointment was at a florist in Mount Lebanon, close to where my last job was. We sat down with a woman who was also very wonderful. She wanted to look at all my pictures (wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses) and liked all my ideas. She didn’t have an option for the bouquet wraps, but was more willing to give us the lilies I wanted. The price was between $330 and $390 which wasn’t bad but Brad liked the other place better. We had way too much time in between our appointments so we drove back to the Burger King by our house for lunch and letting Tasselin play. She ate absolutely all her food which was really wonderful and played nicely for a good time. We went from there to our house to pick Brad’s van up and then out to Shadyside for our cake appointment. It took ten minutes to find parking, which we did the street behind so we didn’t have to pay for it. We walked to the bakery, Prantls, and waited for the wedding cake lady to come out (the store was really, really busy). Tasselin was amazingly occupied by looking at all the cakes and cookies and whatnot and had so much fun. The woman came out to give us our testing cakes (only three different kinds without options to them). She left to take care of some other business while we tested. Tasselin, Brad, and I all liked a different one. Tasselin liked the red velvet, I liked the almond coated almond cake, and Brad liked the raspberry filled white cake. I liked the one Brad liked as well, so we picked that one. We were a little disappointed by the lack of choice but it could always be worse. I had to buy Tasselin a bottle of water there while we waited. We looked through there wedding book and picked one similar to the one at Bethel Bakery. However this bakery has you purchase your own ribbon for them to use whereas Bethel Bakery has it in stock. The cost was about the same as well so we both decided we would rather have Bethel Bakery do it instead. On the plus side they did give Tasselin a free cookie (that looked really delicious). From there we went straight to New Castle to drop Tasselin off. The roads were absokutely horrifying. I was sure I would die. But wr made it. We tried not to stay long (Tasselin was even trying to get rid of us) but my parents were dragging their feet. We tried to load part of Chris’s old bed (Tasselin’s new bed) into the van but with the seats not being able to fold down we didn’t get much in. We left as soon as possible after that and went to Brad’s dad’s house to drop the van off. It was our quickest visit ever, with Brad literally just running in to drop the keys off. Brad said he’d drive home since the roads were terrible (god, I love him). I suggested grabbing some cash and taking 376 hoping for better roads some we did and they were great. We had a lovely conversation on the way and made the best of our night kidless.


So we’re playing our Pathfinder game at Jake’s house and it’s coming along to the end battle of the day. We apparently accidentally set off all the alarms for the rogues to get together and get ready (what do you expect with a barbarian?).

So the barbarian (Jake) heads down the stairs first holding up a table as a makeshift shield with a hole cut out in the middle for him to see. The swashbuckler (Kevin) was behind him, I (the warpriest) was behind the swashbuckler, the witch (Phil) was behind me, and the rat was playing catch up (because the new guy was late). The rogues had time to oil up the stairs we were coming down (because we took way too much time) so the witch stayed behind a minute while the other three of us continued on. Of course we all made to make a reflex save to not fall on our asses going down. The barbarian saves, the swashbuckler save, I fail. My character starts to slide. Jake’s like fuck, if she goes down then we might all go down. So he asks Brad if his character could make another reflex save to catch me, Brad says sure. He makes it. So the barbarian drops the table, grabs my character, throws the both of us onto the table as it starts to slide down the stairs. Kevin spends a pinash point to jump onto the table with us, on our backs, and surf the whole way down. The table crashes into five rogues and against the wall doing enough damage to kill all five of them. The swashbuckler makes an intimidation check against the rest of the room for a ‘come at us, bro’ type speech and pose.

It was fucking brilliant.
Commence battle.
That it all.


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